My name is Hanieh.

I am a user experience researcher and designer, writer, and photographer. 
I like to create.
My inspiration comes from people and subjects, and I try to tell their stories in human-centred ways.
I’ve worked on a variety of projects, always using creative problem solving and storytelling to design products and services that are innovative, accessible and ethical.
My curiosity and compassion drive my work, and I humbly try to design with impact in mind.
An immigrant and a woman of colour, my mind is often on inclusion, diversity and equity.
I’m socially committed and emotionally driven.
I believe that the answer to everything is kindness.
The greatest advice I’ve ever received was: “Everything in life must grow”.
In my spare time, I like exploring new places, reading and practicing yoga.
I’m inspired by nature and the beautiful planet we live on, and believe we must preserve it.
I was born in Tehran, I grew up in Toronto, and I’m lucky to call both places home.
I’ve always been an explorer, I’ll forever be a dreamer.
I intend on leaving a big mark on the world.

If you are interested in learning more about my experience, you can view my CV here.

Feel free to get in touch, drop a line, or simply say hi. Thank you for visiting! 🙂