How Do We Commemorate 9/11?

11 years have passed.

I often wonder what the world would be like if this never happened.

Would there be less conflict? Less hate? Less anger?

Would there be more compassion? More acceptance? More peace?

Every year on September 11, I remember my puzzled sixth grade self as we stood for a moment of silence as our principal explained what had happened. As a Muslim, it was difficult to escape the understanding that with such an event comes the fear of judgment, lack of understanding and isolation. And every year, I sympathize with the people who lost a loved one and pray that they find the courage and the strength to move forward.

This year, as I was on Twitter, I came across a link. It was to a website with a video from an intervention Tony Robbins held on September 11, 2001. It was extremely meaningful, and as it was a leadership workshop, it applied not only to the event at hand, but more so to all areas of life.

And although the room was at first in chaos, by the end it seemed at peace.

I highly recommend you watch the video for two main reasons. One, it is a great way to commemorate such a tragic event. And two, because it will allow us to understand our ability to choose and eventually take action in ways that is suitable for us as individuals.

Enjoy and I hope you find it as meaningful as I did!