The Environment Matters: Help Save It

Recently, I’ve been very occupied with educating myself on the state of the planet. In short, it doesn’t look so good, for us, and especially for generations to come. A recent report in a journal called Science stated that humans have pushed the Earth beyond four of its nine planetary boundaries. These include extinction rate, deforestation, carbon dioxide levels and the flow of nitrogen and phosphorous in the oceans. Firstly, I recommend everyone to read this article. It outlines important details of the report, ones that we should be paying attention to. Secondly, I think it’s about time we begin to become more aware of how human activities such as economic growth, technology and consumerism has led us to where we are. Thirdly, let’s begin to take action. Spreading the word and getting our friends and families to join the conversation of environmental sustainability is a must.

Maybe economic growth is not in our control, and maybe we’re too addicted to our smartphones to care. But at the very least, we can become more conscious of our consumption habits. This doesn’t mean we stop buying the things we need, but it means buying more natural, organic and green products that are not only beneficial to our own health, but also to the health of our environment and planet. is an online retailer of natural, organic and healthy products that promotes a green and sustainable lifestyle for everyone. They have products for babies, pets, women and fitness gurus. From household products and health supplements to makeup, shampoos and soaps, the company has great diversity and an even better vision.

It’s important to support these companies. It’s even more important to start taking this debate more seriously.