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The future of journalism

April 18, 2013

Much has changed in recent years in the field of journalism, communication and media. Every minute of the day, forty-eight hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. This past October, Facebook surpassed 1 billion users. By the year 2013, more people will use their mobile phones than PCs to get online. One thing that hasn’t changed, and I don’t think ever will, is that great storytelling is the basis of great content, regardless of the medium used.

Who Are We in This Complicated World?

November 3, 2012

Rumi was a 13th century Iranian mystic poet. His poems are internationally acclaimed and he is considered one of the most inspirational poets of all time. I love many of his poems, but today I chose to post this one. It puts me at peace as I find comfort in his words. I hope you do too.

The World is Not Worthy of Words

September 12, 2012

As of a week ago, I have had to make a commitment to keep up to date with news on a daily basis, due to the nature of the field I will be pursuing for my future career. I won’t deny that it seemed like a difficult task, mainly because I only read about things that interest me, such as sports and entertainment and specific political and global conflicts.

Tell the Truth, Tell the Truth, Tell the Truth

July 29, 2012

Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir Eat, Pray, Love was nothing short of humorous and entertaining. And as intelligent and witty as her prose was, I found myself enjoying the book more in the beginning than when I had finished it. Jennifer Egan wrote a review for the New York Times and I think she was accurate in saying that the reader is left yearning to know more about the unresolved things Gilbert chose to leave out rather than the flowery and cliché events and ending of the novel.