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What’s in store for Trudeau and the Grits?

April 14, 2013

No doubt that Justin Trudeau will be elected as the leader of the Liberal party of Canada on Sunday, April 14. At the leadership candidate national showcase in Toronto on April 6, Trudeau stressed his vision for diversity and federalism. He spoke of the importance of the middle class, and emphasized hope and hard work as necessary to achieve success in the next federal elections.

Mapping Muslims: America’s war on itself

March 14, 2013

The United States of America strikes again. American citizens, who also happen to be Muslim, are under surveillance in an effort to prevent terrorism. The question of whether there is any evidence that can lead the NYPD to believe Muslim Americans should be under surveillance is an irrelevant one. The United States rarely needs evidence to monitor a community they believe is associated with violence and terrorist activity.

God bless America

February 10, 2013

To the military they are known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems), but they are more commonly known as drones. Due to recent findings, the term “targeted killings” may seem more appropriate. A 16-page white paper memo was leaked and published by NBC recently, justifying the use of drone strikes outside recognized war zones. Although there has always been controversy surrounding them since the start of their use under President George W Bush, this time, the outrage is due to their use on American citizens.

Punishment Without a Cause…And Effect

December 4, 2012

Last Thursday, the UN declared Palestine an independent state. 138 votes in favor. 9 against. 41 abstentions. That historic day marked the beginning of a peaceful resolution for a conflict that has been going on for far too long. However, this pleasant news (for most of the world that is) seems to have been overshadowed, and celebrations have been stifled by Israel’s dramatic and unreasonable response.