As an educator, I have developed programs and courses, created and curated content, and facilitated workshops, both remote and in-person on participatory design, prototyping, and leadership development, with a strong focus on BIPOC and underrepresented audiences. My background in humanities, photography, and journalism has led me to use writing as a form of activism, reflection, and connection. I write and speak on several topics, such as inclusive design and diversity and equity in the workplace. Learn more by browsing my speaker profile on Women Talk Design.

Teaching & Facilitation

Introduction to Figma Foundations for Creatives

  • CLIENT: Klick Health
  • TIMELINE: December 2021-March 2022
  • ROLE: I developed and facilitated a four-module Figma foundations course, training a total of 100 creatives at Klick Health on how to use the tool to collaborate effectively in their teams, in order to achieve consistency and continuity in their outputs. 

Using Human-Centred Design to Develop Youth Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • CLIENT: Planned Parenthood of Ghana (PPAG)
  • TIMELINE: September-October 2021
  • ROLE: I developed and facilitated a 3-day Human-Centred Design training in Ghana for program officers and representatives working on youth programming in sub-Saharan Africa. The training included lessons on HCD fundamentals, case studies, and hands-on interactive activities that allowed participants to apply their learnings. 

UX Design Bootcamp

  • CLIENT: Juno College of Technology
  • TIMELINE: September-December 2020, February-April 2022
  • ROLE: I taught an 8-week design bootcamp to over 20 students covering topics such as UX research, product design, and accessibility. I led students through lessons and interactive exercises and worked with them to support project work.

Part-time UX/UI Design Course

  • CLIENT: RED Academy
  • TIMELINE: July 2019-March 2020
  • ROLE: As the co-instructor for the Academy’s first-ever part-time UX/UI course, I prepared and delivered weekly lectures and seminars on journey mapping, usability testing, and design thinking. I also supervised student projets and guided portfolio development and interview preparation.