Teaching & Facilitation

As a facilitator and educator, I have developed programs and courses, created and curated content, and facilitated workshops, both remote and in-person around design, DEI, career empowerment, and leadership, with a strong focus on BIPOC and underrepresented audiences. 

Taking Ownership Over Your Career: An Inclusive Leadership Workshop for Social Justice Leaders

  • CLIENT: City University of New York
  • TIMELINE: November 2022-January 2023
  • ROLE: I developed and faciliated a workshop to participants completing the leadership for democracy and social Justice fellowship programs at City College. Fellows were engaged in indivudal reflections and interactive activities, and provided with tools, templates, and resources to apply learnings and advance their career.

Intro to Figma Foundations

  • CLIENT: Klick Health
  • TIMELINE: December 2021-March 2022
  • ROLE: I developed and facilitated a four-module Figma foundations course, training a total of 100 creatives at Klick Health on how to use the tool to collaborate effectively in their teams, in order to achieve consistency and continuity in their outputs. 

Using Human-Centred Design to Develop Youth Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • CLIENT: Planned Parenthood of Ghana (PPAG)
  • TIMELINE: September-October 2021
  • ROLE: I developed and facilitated a 3-day Human-Centred Design training in Ghana for program officers and representatives working on youth programming in sub-Saharan Africa. The training included lessons on HCD fundamentals, case studies, and hands-on interactive activities that allowed participants to apply their learnings. 

UX Design Bootcamp

  • CLIENT: Juno College of Technology
  • TIMELINE: September-December 2020, February-April 2022
  • ROLE: I taught an 8-week design bootcamp to over 20 students covering topics such as UX research, product design, and accessibility. I led students through lessons and interactive exercises and worked with them to support project work.


My background is in humanities, photography, and journalism. I have worked as a freelance journalist in Iran, Bosnia, and Canada. I was the head of content at UPFRONT, a startup dedicated to changing confidence for women. As a writer, my work spans photo essays, articles, profiles, and thought pieces around design, culture, current affairs, and DEI, which can be read on Thousand&One’s blog.


I have spoken at conferences, events, and on panels, and been interviewed on a wide range of topics, with a focus on how to create inclusive spaces and design products and services for BIPOC and underrepresented communities.