My research approach is community-led. I believe in building with and for communities, and I do this through participatory methods and activities. I specialize in qualitative research methods but also apply quantitative data to drive product decisions and iterations. I have led fieldwork in low-middle income and resource settings, engaging youth, women, religious leaders, teachers, and healthcare providers, crafting insights and design opportunities to inform the development of innovative solutions, both online and offline.

Improving quality of care and access to health services for Tanzanian youth

PARTNERS: T-MARC Tanzania, Care Tanzania, Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC)
TIMELINE: October 2022-October 2023
ROLE: Project Lead

Kijana Nahodha, or “The Youth Leader” in Swahili is a youth-driven holistic digital health education and referral tool aimed at increasing the capacity of peer educators (PE) and community health workers (CHW) in three regions across mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar to counsel youth aged 15-25 around sexual reproductive health (SRH), mental health, and nutrition. This project focuses on disadvantaged youth, which includes out-of-school youth, unemployed youth, youth with disabilities, HIV+ youth, and young mothers. Learn more here.

Insights and design opportunities to drive Olark’s next generation agent experience

TIMELINE: September-December 2020
ROLE: UX Research Consultant

Olark is a live chat software and customer data tool. Working with the VP of Product and their internal team, I led a 6-week research study that aimed to understand Olark’s customers, their needs, behaviours, and challenges, to develop insights that would inform the redesign of their agent experience. Methods used included: competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews, usability testing, and prototyping. The study resulted in a report that included several deliverables such as a UX strategy blueprint, empathy map, and HMW statements.  

A user-centred digital strategy to increase audience engagement for Tafelmusik

CLIENT: Tafelmusik
TIMELINE: February-April 2020
ROLE: Lead Strategist

I led the creation of a digital strategy report for Tafelmusik that looked at both short-term and long-term recommendations across all the organization’s digital channels, including their website, content strategy, social media, and end-to-end experience. I conducted stakeholder interviews, UX audit, competitive analysis, and a customer journey map; learnings, insights, and next steps focused on Tafelmusik’s core objectives: promote Tafelmusik, increase audience engagement, and raise revenue, and address their biggest challenge: a dwindling and aging audience. 

Developing a strategy for a chatbot to help newcomers access language services

FUNDER: Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
CLIENT: Nevy’s Language for Lower Levels
TIMELINE: January-April 2018
ROLE: Lead Researcher & Strategist

I led the UX research and strategy to inform the design and development of a chatbot that helps underserved newcomers access language services. This included planning and facilitating discovery workshops and user interviews, creating flow diagrams that illustrated the recruitment system, and developing conversation scenarios based on the overall customer journey. The UX strategy blueprint outlined a series of outcomes for a potential conversation UI that was culturally appropriate and accessible.

Prototyping solutions to support Syrian refugees with settlement in Canada

FUNDER: Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
CLIENT: Together Project
TIMELINE: January-March 2017
ROLE: Design Lead

Funded by the IRCC, Together Project was a research study that aimed to understand integration challenges of Syrian refugees in their first 12 months in Canada. Our research used qualitative research methods, stakeholder engagement, participatory design, and ethnographic research with refugees and newcomers, volunteers, settlement sector stakeholders, and agency caseworkers. I prepared research plans and facilitated participatory design activities, and led the design and testing of a low-fidelity mobile digital tool intended to provide access to services and resources for Syrian refugees. Learn more here.